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She began freelance writing as a means of spreading her truth and knowledge with a broader audience. According to Yogi Bhajan, this meditation is daily for up to 40 days to feel the full benefits of clearing the subconscious. Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation is a classic kundalini meditation that works to clear the mind and bring balance. Its goal is to rid the subconscious mind of negativity and remove excess emotions.

However, it’s important to know that allegations of child abuse, psychological abuse, and systemic oppression have surrounded him, casting a shadow over his legacy and the practice of Kundalini Yoga. The most common injuries among people practicing yoga are sprains and strains. In the late 1980s, practitioners developed this active and athletic type of yoga based on the traditional Ashtanga system. Ashtanga applies the same poses and sequences that rapidly link every movement to breath. There are several types of yoga and many disciplines within the practice. Life is made of going to work, paying off bills, raising children and leisure time.

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Quieting your mind takes practice, and even just a few minutes can have a positive impact. Kundalini mediation was popularized in the West by Yogi Bhajan, who developed and introduced his own form of Kundalini yoga in the United States in the late 1960s. Since then, the practice has become a popular way to develop greater body awareness, mindfulness, and stress relief, among other benefits.

However, whatever your unique connection with a higher power is, whether you identify with a particular religion or not, developing and practicing that connection can be powerful for addiction recovery and healing. Through workshop topics including breathwork, the chakra system, and innovations in holistic 12-Step recovery, deepen your exploration of recovery from addictions using the ancient tools and practices of yoga and meditation. Led by a world-class teaching staff who represent a wide variety of backgrounds and modalities, this conference offers strength and hope on the journey from addiction to recovery. Melissa Duchatschek is a native of Washington, MO and opened Present Moment Yoga in 2011.

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Safety is of the utmost importance, as are the energy and dynamics of the group, the setting, and the specifics of the ceremony or experience. If you do elect to investigate these plant medicines further, I encourage you to do your homework and make sure it is the right situation before moving forward. Research is now showing that Breathwork may be especially helpful for recovering addicts.

  • It’s important that if you are suffering from addiction to get assistance from as many angles as possible.
  • Adam graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA and holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.
  • Today, her goal is to continue to immerse herself in the study of yoga
    and meditation and to pass that knowledge and inspiration along to others.

With that said, there are some general guidelines for good nutrition that are fairly common. Acupuncture has been shown to have a number of benefits that may specifically aid addiction recovery. These include reduced cravings, relief of stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and improved sleep. Anyone who has struggled with addiction or has had a loved one has to know that addiction is a form of living death. A once healthy, functioning human being can be reduced to a shadow of their former selves, a hungry ghost in bondage to their DOC (Drug of Choice). Many have tried, some countless times, to get that monkey of their back once and for all with varying degrees of success.

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By practicing meditation like Sa Ta Na Ma, you’re allowing yourself to break free from these negative energy chains. This freedom will help you to blossom into your most genuine and most authentic self. Meditation can also be a tool to help us with addiction or make triggers more noticeable of what causes our desire for a particular habit or impulse.

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As part of living an ethical and fulfilling life, Recovery Dharma does require abstinence if your addiction involves harmful substances. The purpose of Recovery Dharma is to let go of the need to have an intoxicating experience. This is also known as renunciation.

And we also knew that meetings and the Steps, although incredibly supportive, did not in themselves provide a daily practice of movement and meditation – things that 12 Step programs insist are vital to recovery. The main goal was to deepen her understanding of the practice of yoga and learn to quiet her very busy mind, but she quickly found that she resonated with so much more than she had imagined. The fundamentals of yoga have helped reshape her life and help her develop a deeper passion for helping others.